Tricia S.

I wish that I could somehow convey to every caring individual in every community where Ron Harris and A Level Up touches and has influenced just how impactful this man and this ministry IS and CAN BE to our community and BEYOND. 

testimonial author, Tricia Shaw

Ron Harris has a gift to reach people, all people and to give them a hand up, A Level Up. You don’t ever see him and not see him reaching out and touching someone, speaking a word of life, a word of encouragement to someone that needs it.  He just has a knack a sixth sense for picking up on the person in the room that needed a simple pat on the back, a hug, or someone to pray over them.  That is Ron!!  BUT, he has placed his laser focus on the young people of our community, the underprivileged, the unfathered, the poverty-stricken, those who many would find it easier to just give up on.  Yet Ron has not given up, he is mentoring, teaching, discipling, loving, friending, whatever it takes to give these young people a hand up, a Level UP and showing them that they can be ANYTHING they want to be.  

And Ron doesn’t stop there, he helps them to design a path from where they are to where they dream of going and these young people that otherwise could have very different outcomes in their lives, go on to graduate high school, go to college, or trade school and become contributing members of our communities, raising families and giving back to society what was given to them.  Spend any amount of time with Ron and you will see for yourself the young people that he is working with and you will hear the stories of their lives and how far they’ve come, the hardships they’ve overcome, the obstacles they’ve conquered.  These young people could never have come so far without someone like Ron and the ministry of A Level Up in their lives. 

Frankly, if we could find a way to pattern what Ron does and do it over and over again, in community after community, I believe we could change our nation, I believe we could see real change, the kind of change and unity that we all believe in and pray for and hope that our children and grandchildren will not just experience but will live, every day in every area of their lives.

Bill W.

Ron has a special gift that has been a game changer for me in my life and business.  He brings wisdom to the challenges I’m facing as we discuss and build a plan together.  He has taken the time to understand my skills and gifts and keeps me true to myself and focused on what I do best.  Ron doesn’t allow me to settle for anything other than the best version of myself relative to my family, my business, my friendships, and my faith.  The time we invest together is of great value to me because he helps me determine when to stay the course vs. need for change.

Tom M.

I have known Ron for 25 years and worked with him on many projects and ministries over that time.  During those many interactions, Ron has consistently demonstrated the highest character and work ethic while always being compassionate and caring in the process. 

profile photo of testimonial author, Tom Muccio

He has proven to be gifted at seeing needs and opportunities as well as then being able to find creative and systemic solutions. His skills and gifting have never been more evident than in his birthing and raising up of  A Level Up Ministry and then the consistency of excellence in the execution.

I give Ron my highest endorsement and I personally plan to continue to be involved and supportive of his efforts.

Dave J.

My wife and I have been a supporter of A Level Up for sometime now. I cannot imagine a better ministry that helps under privileged kids and the needy in general. Ron Harris and his team are the epitome of love and compassion. Melinda and I are proud to partner with A Level Up.

Virginia F.

profile photo of testimonial author

Ron Harris has for many years, been a light in my life. He has a gift for supporting others, and helping them reach their greatest potential. He knew years ago that my voice needed to be heard, louder than it ever had before, and he helped me realize I was worthy of the attention that needed to accompany that journey. He reminded me often of my calling, of the privileges the Lord had given me.

Monica H.

I started helping Ron with Hispanic families.  Communicating with them and helping understand our culture and beliefs.  Mr. Harris was very open and kind and listened to their needs and my explanations.  Later my roll morphed into more physical volunteer work which honestly helped heal my soul from how jaded I’d become. 

Monica, Tyler, and Bayn a family that has served with and been helped by A Level Up

We moved on and grew together as friends and A Level Up began to soar!

Mr. Harris helped me through very rough times.  He lifted me up and helped me be the best mother I could be under difficult circumstances to my then one-year-old son. Ron helped pick me up and get my life together. 

He later met my eldest daughter and then my boyfriend, Tyler.  He kept in touch, checking on us and our progress as a family, which then took a huge turn.  Tyler and I were married! Mr. Harris gave us marriage classes.  Blessed us with our wedding service. 

Ron continues to bless our children with kind words and his presence, still to this day.  Amanda, our daughter is now an Engineer.  Our son Bayn is now a sophomore in high school. Mr. Harris has been there for every step. 

I can’t say enough about A Level Up, Mr. Ron Harris and his family.  

He may not know but he’s been there (and still is there) for my little family through some rough times and saved us from ourselves many times over. 

The families and children A Level UP has helped is countless! The lives touched, unmeasurable!  

Daria S.

A Level Up has been the catalyst for bringing young people together and turning their pain into purpose. A Level Up is vibrant and vigilant in ensuring every child has a chance to live their life on purpose. It is a platform for “at-risk youth,” and their families.

Ron Harris (whom I’ve known for over 20 years) is the Founding CEO of A Level Up. He is a Servant Leader who gives passionately and he epitomizes what community service embodies – Glowing and Growing; Giving and Living.

Ron Harris (A Level Up) was instrumental in helping our non-profit organization get grounded in the Ohio area – at a time when school choice was not a popular word. He gave me proven tactics and strategies to help Parents Advancing Choice/PACE to become the conduit for educational information and scholarship resources. Since PACE closed in 2014, I have often reached out to A Level Up to help me develop programs and/or policies at other places of employment.

The Great Gift Exchange

Below are some comments from child participants in the Great Gift Exchange:

“My favorite part was when we played in the bouncy house. I will never forget when
we all gathered to eat pizza. One thing that surprised me was when I first came in
everything was beautiful and fancy.”

Deborah P.

“Thank you so much for inviting me to the Great Gift Exchange. It was the best day of my life. I will never forget that day. I also loved the presents.”

Alexis C.

“Thank you for the gifts. I really love what I got. If you weren’t hear we’ll get nothing.”

Wyatt H.

“Thank you for the present. I really like it. The games were cool. I would do that if I was rich.”


“My favorite part was when we went to the laser tag. I will never forget when we went to Fast Lane. One thing that surprised me was my gift. I gave my doll to my sister so she could play with it.”

Wellysha R.

“I am very thankful for the present. I hope they didn’t cost a lot.”

Kathleen M.

“My favorite part was bowling. It was so fun! I will never forget when we got to eat pizza! One thing that surprised me was when we got presents.


“Thank you for the presents. I love the toys you gave me and my sister. You are so
kind and generous.”

Christina H.

“My favorite part was playing all kinds of games. I will never forget when we all ate pizza together. One thing that surprised me was bowling. It was my first time and it was fun.”


“Thank you for all those toy and treats you gave us. That night when I got home I started playing with my toys immediately. I had a fun time. I am really happy for my

Conner M.