The Great Gift Exchange

Providing a tangible sign of hope to underserved children during the holiday season

The Mission

The mission of the Great Gift Exchange is to provide a tangible sign of HOPE through the distribution of toys to economically disadvantaged children in Kindergarten – 3rd grade who may not experience the joy of receiving during the holiday season.

The Event

The Great Gift Exchange Boxes of Hope is designed to provide a holiday gift to 2,375 underserved children in our Northwest Arkansas community, NE Oklahoma, Little Rock, and the Arkansas Delta in Kindergarten – 3rd grade. It is our intent to share with each child that they are a “gift” created to accomplish a special purpose, and that the ultimate gift they can give in life is to share their unique gifts and talents with everyone, every day.
The Great Gift Exchange Boxes of Hope event will be held at designated drop-off and pick-up locations.

The Need

According to The State of America’s Children report published by Children’s Defense Fund, children remain the poorest age group in America. Nearly 1 in 6 live in poverty…that’s 15 million children. Twenty-one percent of all children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold. Research shows that, on average, families need an income of about twice that level to cover basic expenses. Investment in the most vulnerable children is critical during the Christmas season. Thousands of children will need our help to have a happy holiday.

The Goal

The Great Gift Exchange Boxes of Hope was created to be a simple solution to childhood poverty during the Christmas season. Something as simple as the GIFT of a new toy can give a child the HOPE they need to become a productive and responsible citizen; and possibly break the cycle of poverty.

Get Involved

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Other ways for you or your business to participate

You’re invited to accept the gift of giving this year.

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