Tricia S.

I wish that I could somehow convey to every caring individual in every community where Ron Harris and A Level Up touches and has influenced just how impactful this man and this ministry IS and CAN BE to our community and BEYOND. 

testimonial author, Tricia Shaw

Ron Harris has a gift to reach people, all people and to give them a hand up, A Level Up. You don’t ever see him and not see him reaching out and touching someone, speaking a word of life, a word of encouragement to someone that needs it.  He just has a knack a sixth sense for picking up on the person in the room that needed a simple pat on the back, a hug, or someone to pray over them.  That is Ron!!  BUT, he has placed his laser focus on the young people of our community, the underprivileged, the unfathered, the poverty-stricken, those who many would find it easier to just give up on.  Yet Ron has not given up, he is mentoring, teaching, discipling, loving, friending, whatever it takes to give these young people a hand up, a Level UP and showing them that they can be ANYTHING they want to be.  

And Ron doesn’t stop there, he helps them to design a path from where they are to where they dream of going and these young people that otherwise could have very different outcomes in their lives, go on to graduate high school, go to college, or trade school and become contributing members of our communities, raising families and giving back to society what was given to them.  Spend any amount of time with Ron and you will see for yourself the young people that he is working with and you will hear the stories of their lives and how far they’ve come, the hardships they’ve overcome, the obstacles they’ve conquered.  These young people could never have come so far without someone like Ron and the ministry of A Level Up in their lives. 

Frankly, if we could find a way to pattern what Ron does and do it over and over again, in community after community, I believe we could change our nation, I believe we could see real change, the kind of change and unity that we all believe in and pray for and hope that our children and grandchildren will not just experience but will live, every day in every area of their lives.

Published by Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.