Monica H.

I started helping Ron with Hispanic families.  Communicating with them and helping understand our culture and beliefs.  Mr. Harris was very open and kind and listened to their needs and my explanations.  Later my roll morphed into more physical volunteer work which honestly helped heal my soul from how jaded I’d become. 

Monica, Tyler, and Bayn a family that has served with and been helped by A Level Up

We moved on and grew together as friends and A Level Up began to soar!

Mr. Harris helped me through very rough times.  He lifted me up and helped me be the best mother I could be under difficult circumstances to my then one-year-old son. Ron helped pick me up and get my life together. 

He later met my eldest daughter and then my boyfriend, Tyler.  He kept in touch, checking on us and our progress as a family, which then took a huge turn.  Tyler and I were married! Mr. Harris gave us marriage classes.  Blessed us with our wedding service. 

Ron continues to bless our children with kind words and his presence, still to this day.  Amanda, our daughter is now an Engineer.  Our son Bayn is now a sophomore in high school. Mr. Harris has been there for every step. 

I can’t say enough about A Level Up, Mr. Ron Harris and his family.  

He may not know but he’s been there (and still is there) for my little family through some rough times and saved us from ourselves many times over. 

The families and children A Level UP has helped is countless! The lives touched, unmeasurable!  

Published by Nathan Wilkerson

Holding on for dear life.