About Ron Harris

Through difficult challenges in his childhood and teen years in inner city St. Petersburg, Florida, Ron Harris overcame family tragedy, personal setbacks in college football, doubt and fear, enabling him to realize his dream and mission in life; to encourage the underprivileged and hopeless; and motivate them to personal success. His life story inspires hope and awakens the dreams of those in his audience. Ron’s passion, humor and message of hope has encouraged and empowered thousands of people for over 20 years. Ron desires that every individual in his audience overcomes their greatest obstacles to fulfill their goal and destiny in life.

Ron has been a leadership coach for high school, college, and professional athletes; consulting them in the areas of character and life skill development. The combination of speaking and leadership training allows Ron to inspire individuals in many venues where he shares hope through humor that is timely and relevant to the needs of today’s culture.

Ron is available for:

  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Sporting Events/Teams/FCA
  • Conventions
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • Teacher Training
  • Student Training

Training Offered


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