Service projects designed to engage and equip individuals to get involved locally and globally to INSPIRE HOPE and CHANGE LIVES.

Regional/National Projects

It is our goal to enhance the quality of life for individuals in need in the United States; through regional and national service projects. These service projects are designed to be practical hands-on experiences that also provide a venue for participants to give back to their community, INSPIRE HOPE and CHANGE LIVES. We are offer leadership, experience and training; and we are prepared to work with any size group in any location.

Community Service Projects

Doing community service is a good thing to do…and it’s not just that you’re helping the underprivileged or your community – there are some tangible benefits. Community service provides proper prospective, the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people, the opportunity to learn new skills and the opportunity to contribute to a greater good.

Life Changers Community Service Projects provide a “hands-on” opportunity for youth and adults to work alongside each other toward inspiring hope and changing lives in their community. These service project opportunities consist of practical work (such as: yard clean up, painting, small construction projects, street clean up).

Life Changers Community Service Projects are a great first step for those who desire to give back to their local community.

Short Term Mission Projects

Inspire Hope…Change Lives…and Impact the World…get your PASSPORT READY. You’re headed for a life-changing experience. Our short team mission trips are designed to change your heart and give you a different worldview perspective as you encounter and engage with the needs of others in a multicultural society.

We take great care in selecting mission trip locations that will give you the best short term mission experience. With trips in a variety of lengths, countries, sizes, price ranges, and work projects we are confident that we can find a short term mission trip that meets your needs.